Sex Toys Might Improve Your Health

This just in: masturbation might actually improve your health.  What was once believed to be a taboo act that caused acne, infertility and hair to grow from your palms is actually more than just healthy – it can have actual scientifically proven health benefits.  Ladies, whip out your vibrators. Men, get your porn and pocket pussies ready.masturbation


While almost all people agree that they masturbate on a regular basis – about 96 percent of men and 89 percent of women – this is usually confided in private to a doctor and they are not going to tell the world about it.  Men, masturbation can improve your immune system and can help prevent prostate cancer. Recently, Australia researches found that men who masturbate over 5 times a week are one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer. For women masturbation can stave off yeast infections, it can make pre-menstrual cramps more bearable, and can relieve chronic back pain. Who knew?

For men and women, masturbation is a great stress reducer and mood stabilizer after a tough day at work. It can also improve your pelvic muscles to help with better sex, but in the meantime why not build some moves with some healthy masturbation. Some men and women actually report having the best orgasms they’ve ever had while self-pleasuring themselves. Also, it can get you off the hook when you are just way too tired to make love.

So, is masturbation some kind of magical cure? Not quite, but it helps – a lot apparently.  Masturbation won’t cause warts and it won’t cause your house to burn down like they used to say. Masturbation was even deemed illegal once. Can you imagine sitting that trial?  For most people though, there is still a hint of shame with masturbation, but according to most people, doctors, and researchers and more – my way or the highway might be the right way.