Sexy Halloween Costume Themes

With Halloween just few days away, we bet that there are more than a few of you scrambling around for sexy Halloween costumes to wear out on the big night! A lot of ladies (and guys as well) enjoy dressing up in themes and going out as a group. You want to pick a theme that fits all shapes, sizes and comfort levels of your group, but you also want to diversify yourselves enough so that you don’t look like you all bought your sexy Halloween costumes from the same shop! Here are a few ideas that can work with any size group whether you are going for the “barely there and sexy look” or the “we’re trick-or-treating so we need to stay warm” look!

sexy halloween costume

Sexy Schoolgirls & Schoolboys: The classic school girl look for the ladies is a short plaid pleated skirt, white button up top, knee high socks and pigtails in the hair. Add on accessories like books, school bags or teddy bears and you’ve completed the look. Depending on how naughty you want to appear, you can shorten the skirt to a daring level, or wear a sheer white top showing off what’s underneath. Why not try a pair of thigh high boots rather than socks, or stockings and garter belt to make it that much sexier? Ladies looking for a bit more coverage could wear colored tights underneath their skirt, and go with a button up cardigan to keep themselves warm. Even the men can get involved in this theme with plaid shorts and suspenders over their button up tops. Get a coordinating neck tie and a sports jacket with removable school emblem and you’ve got a complete schoolboy costume!

Dirty Secretaries & Interns: Ready to take some dictation? The dirty secretary costume isn’t as popular as it was in the days of former President Clinton and a certain little blue dress, but they still make an appearance every year. Office tramp, naughty intern, and even cleaning lady costumes is a great addition to a mixed sex group where all the guys would rather just go out in their suits and ties. Short skirts, sheer tight tops, glasses and neck ties are common in this type of sexy Halloween costume. For the colder events, or those where you need to keep slightly more covered up, lengthen the skirt to pencil length, and exchange the tight top to a form fitting number that you would wear to an interview.

Naughty Nurses  & Doctors: Medical themed costumes are very easy to pull together, especially if you’ve got friends who work in hospitals. There are lots of naughty nurse costumes out there, which usually consist of short white dresses with red detailing. Most of the time they’ll also include a few accessories like nurse’s hats and thigh high stockings. If this isn’t the way you want to go, both men and ladies can wear hospital scrubs for a more covered look, and add a few medical tools to make it obvious what you are dressing as for Halloween. One tip that we’ve found handy is that it’s rare to be able to get your hands on actual medical tools for Halloween costumes, which is why hitting the toy shop and heading to the ‘grown up play’ section can be your best bet!