Sexy Massages Without The Mess – The Nuru Massage Set

Nuru massages might not be the best known style of massage in the world, but once you’re clued into it steamy secrets, I bet that it will become part of your sexual repertoire. Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese, and it’s a great way to describe this sexy, body to body massage style. My boyfriend was introduced to it on his travels, and once he got home he was eager to recreate the scene with me. We ordered the Wet Nuru Massage Gel & Sheet Set from Adam and Eve for our first time – and were not disappointed in our purchase!

The first thing you should know is that Nuru massage is VERY messy. Where other massage styles you use a small amount of oil to lubricate the hands and a small part of the body, Nuru massage oil is basically a lubricant for the body. You also use the whole bottle for every massage, so as you can imagine things get very slippery! The final thing to keep in mind with Nuru is that while you do use your hands, you also use your entire body to massage your lover. You will get as wet and messy as he does!Wet Nuru Massage Gel & Sheet Set Thankfully, the Wet Nuru Massage Gel & Sheet Set comes with a plastic sheet that even fit our king sized bed. This made the whole scenario a lot easier as we didn’t have to use tons of towels to cover our bed, or find somewhere less comfortable to do the massage. The 8oz bottle of water based massage gel that was included in the set was enough to cover both me and my boyfriend, which is key when it comes to that slippery body on body massage style. Make sure you follow the suggestion and put the bottle into a bowl of warm water first – you don’t want cold massage lube.

Once we were done with our massage (and the activities that followed it afterward), we wiped off the bottoms of our feet and headed into the shower – plastic sheet and all. You can’t stick this cover into the washing machine so we used our showerhead to spray the massage gel off. Since the gel itself is water based, it just took our normal shower gel to get it all off our bodies (as well as the plastic sheet).

Since we’ve already got the plastic bed cover, the next time he wants me to give him a Nuru massage, all I’ll have to do is go out and get another bottle of massage gel. Thankfully, Adam and Eve sell the Wet Nuru Massage Gel on its own (and even the sheet on its own) so I only need to replace what we’re missing!