Sexy Santa Underwear For Naughty Boys

We’re not going to be leaving the gents out of the Christmas naughty underwear fun! While the selection of Santa themed undies is a bit smaller for the guys, there are still a few gems that we feel need to be pointed out! While these would make great stocking stuffers for your special someone, you may want to break them out on Christmas Eve for when Santa comes down the chimney.

The X-Mas Tuggie – Tuggies are known as the “fuzzy sock that warms your cock” – with a selection of penis warmers that are available all year long. Christmas time, though, is when The X-Mas Tuggie comes out to play. Striped like a candy cane, we’d be that what’s inside is just as sweet. We know a lot of guys who usually go commando wear these in the winter as they don’t have the restriction that traditional underwear can bring. Unless you’re extremely large, this is a one-sized-fits-you item.

Present Boxer Brief – Like it says on the package, you’ll want to “open” this one now! The Present Boxer Brief is a pair of velvet men’s underwear with a ribbon detailing on both the front and the back. The velvet green fabric is hard to resist. We bet you’ll want to run your hands all over it before deciding to take it off his body. We only wish the bow actually untied so you could see what is hiding underneath! The Present Boxer Brief comes in two sizes, and is designed to be worn in a ‘low ride’ style.

Sexy Santa Underwear For Naughty BoysHerringbone Micro Thong – Looking for something that touches on the Christmas theme without being too over the top? The Herringbone Micro Thong has the red and black colors that you associate with a Santa style costume, but without the kitschy bows and fur. The mesh style fabric creates a nice pouch in the front, while the thong back still leaves enough skin to keep it sexy. This is great for the guy who isn’t into the fuss of the holidays, but has a partner that would like them to make the effort!

Ultra Sweller Penis Ring – For the guy who doesn’t want to have anything covering his bits, but still wants a bit of color for the holidays, the red Ultra Sweller Penis Rings are a kinky way to show off your Christmas spirit. Yes, we know that these little rings of fun can be used at any time of the year, but for the guy who wants to try something new this winter – it’s a stocking stuffer in the making!

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