Sexy Summer Costumes To Heat Things Up

With the temperatures still climbing in many places, there are times when sexy definitely means wearing as little as possible. Adam and Eve have a collection of barely-there costumes that will get the blood pumping of any red blooded American guy or gal this summer. So tell us – which one of these sexy summer costumes will be making their way to your lingerie drawer this season?

Dallas Debbie – No, this isn’t quite the same thing as the adult movies of yore, but this little set is perfect for those who are Cowboys fans! This three piece set certainly does show a lot of skin for ladies who are hoping to beat the heat. White boy short bottoms are detailed with blue stars and a ruffled bottom to make anyone’s back side look amazing. The cupless halter top has enough fabric to give the impression of the cheerleader’s classic collar shirt, but leaves enough exposed to fully enjoy the reusable pasties. The pasties themselves are star shaped blue adornments with white tassels to complete the look. The Dallas Debbie costume is one that even fans of other football teams will appreciate!summer costumes

Dirty Maid – Looking for something with slightly more coverage (but not too much)? The Dirty Maid costume is not only great for the summertime bedroom, it’s perfect for around the house role play. Once again we are looking at a three piece costume. A black padded bra with white frilly detailing keeps the top half covered, while a black skirt with apron front covers you down below. Lastly, a maid style hat adds that last final touch to the costume. You can always take this sexy summer costume to the next level by adding in your own garter belt and stockings, and throwing in a feather duster to tickle your lover’s fancy.

Teacher’s Ass-Istant – The most covering of our three sexy summer costume selection still shows enough skin to get you in all sorts of trouble! The naughty schoolgirl costume is once again a three piece set. Included is the  innocent white top that ties strategically in the front, a super short pink plaid schoolgirl skirt with coordinating under-mesh, and a pair of ruffled panties to complete the ‘barely legal’ look. Unlike the other costumes mentioned, this one actually comes in various sizes, from a size 4 to 10 small, to a medium 8 to 12, and a large 16. Make up your own fantasies about what this kinky schoolgirl did to earn herself some extra time after class and we can be sure that your sex sessions will be hotter than any temperatures outside!