Sexy Summer Essentials – Camping Must-Haves

In our second post listing the must-have adult items to make your summer as sexy as possible, this time we are looking for those discreet little sex toys and other kinky tools that you can take with you on your next camping trip. Whether you’re headed out to pitch a tent in the middle of the woods, or heading out west in your camper, bringing along a few sexy toys is always a great idea!

Discreet Vibrator – While there are times where your full powered corded Hitachi is what needs to be used, there are others when a more discreet approach is needed. Some vibrators, like the Studio Collection Lipstick Vibrator are made to look like mundane, everyday objects that no one would ever think were sex toys. Great for storing in the side pouch of your backpack for that quick access self-quickie!

Disposable Male Masturbators – No one really wants to clean up sex toys in the middle of the woods – especially if you’re at a family camping ground with nosey neighbors. You would think that male masturbators would be off the list for sex toys that are disposable, but the Tenga Eggs are made to be used, then thrown away. They even come with a single serving of lubrication, so there’s no need to bring your bottle from home. Once you are done, place it back in the Easter egg style case it came in, and throw it away. Even if someone sees you heading to the garbage with it, the innocent looking shell holds all your secrets inside!

summer must havesDisposable Vibes – While we’ve covered the guys with disposable sex toys, how about ladies who want to play then throw away? If bringing your bullet vibes back and forth is out of the question, disposable vibrators like the Bree Olsen Finger Bangers are there for your pleasure. Each tiny little vibe has enough battery power in it to last around 20 minutes, so time your use wisely! With their unique shape and size, no one will have a clue that this teeny tiny toy is actually a vibrator!

Bondage Tape – From looking at the rolls of Sex and Mischief Bondage Tape, you would think they look right in place with your other camping gear. Little does anyone know that this self-adhering bondage tape isn’t more than just part of your tent patch kit or some electrical tape to make sure the camper’s pipes stay together. If your lover is looking for some kinky fuckery in the sleeping bag, this is one tool that’s not to be missed off.