Sexy Summer Essentials – Honeymoon Must-Haves

With the official start of summer only a few short weeks away, the team here at Adam and Eve have been gearing up to bring you all the adult products you’ll need to have a very sexy summer! In the first of a multi-post series, we are giving you shot lists of must-have items for those big summer events that should always have some adult fun included! We start off with something that’s worthy of as much sexy fun as anyone can have – the honeymoon! Here are four items that we think every vacationing bride needs to bring along with them for their super sexy getaway this summer.

White Lingerie – White is supposed to symbolize the innocent virgin bride, but these days it’s just a great color to wear when you’re in the summer sun. For those times when you’re alone with your new spouse in your honeymoon retreat, white colored lingerie like the Sweet Innocence Babydoll carries that “virginal” look into the bedroom. Pick lingerie that is light on the skin if you plan on wearing it under clothes or for a longer period of time. We guess, though, that anyone wearing something this sexy won’t be in it for very long!

Vibrating Cock Ring – Looking for a sex toy that will keep him as happy as it keeps her? Vibrating cock rings offer the best of both worlds – a penis ring that will keep him going longer, and a bullet vibrator that will delivery direct clitoral stimulation when he’s all the way inside you. If you want something really special, pick a vibrating penis ring with texture, like the Adam & Eve Couple’s Enhancer Ring for that extra level of pleasure!

Adult Movies – Tired of the sun and the clubs and staying in your honeymoon suite for the night? How about popping in a porn to get you both in the mood! There are tons of “honeymoon” themed adult movies out there like The Wedding Day DVD that are erotic enough to turn on those who prefer a romantic story line, but has enough action to keep those who want some full on action in their adult movies. Or – maybe this is the time to start making your own movies!

Glass Dildo – Summer weddings and the honeymoon following can get really hot – and we don’t mean just in the bedroom! Soaring temperatures leave people begging for relief. Glass sex toys like the Red Hearts Glass Dildo can be cooled down in a bowl of ice water for a totally new experience that will certainly cool down even the most hot parts of your body.