Sexy Summer Essentials – Hot Tub Must-Haves

Some folks keep their hot tubs going all year round, but for others, summer is the time to take off the top and get soaking! Did you know that there are sex toys that are perfectly suited to join you and your lover in the hot tub? Check out our latest list of sexy summer essentials for the hot tub lovers!

A Female Condom – If you need to have safe sex in a hot tub, unfortunately traditional male style condoms aren’t your best option. Latex condoms can break down in the presence of chlorine, and even if they do remain intact, the trusting motion has a chance to put water between your man’s member and his condom, making it a risk for slippage. Your other barrier protection option – the female condom – should be inserted before jumping in the tub for your naughty rendezvous.

Silicone Based Lubricant – Being in a hot tub, you might not think that you need lubrication, but just the opposite is true. The water can strip away any natural lube you have, making the insertion process somewhat uncomfortable. For times like this, a thicker lube is a must, and silicone lubes hold up much better in water than a water based lube. Try something with cooling qualities like the Wicked Ultra Cooling Lubricant for a totally new temperature experience.summer hot tub must-havesWaterproof Vibrator – Not looking for full on sex in the hot tub? How about bringing in a toy to tease and please you? Waterproof vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, but we love the Waterproof Finger Fun Vibrator since if the neighbors do come over for a chat, you can slip it off your finger and hide it in the bottom of your bikini! (They’re also small enough to travel well, so if you’re in a public hot tub, they can hide in your swim bag with little worry of prying eyes.)

Vibrating Panties – Now you may be thinking – wearing panties into the hot tub? Isn’t that kind of strange? Not when the panties actually look like a pair of swim suit bottoms and have a waterproof vibrator built in! With the 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Panty, your lover can have the remote out of the water, while you are wearing the naughty little knickers underneath. Great for those hands-free sexual experiences!