Sexy Summer Essentials – Picnic Play Must-Haves

Are you planning on a few romantic picnics out in the sun now that the good weather has started to come your way? How about turning that innocent meal outside into something a bit more kinky? In the next part of our Sexy Summer Essentials series, we’re looking at toys and tools that are great for taking with you for your next picnic for those who want to add a bit more spice to their meals!

Flavored Lubricant – While you may be bringing great tasting food with you, what do you do when the meal is done, but your taste buds want as much stimulation as other areas do? Flavored lubricant like I-D Juicy Lubes will add that something special to your next oral sex session. Just a little bit applied to the penis or vaginal before  going down will not only help lube up the area, but also give the one on the pleasuring end something else to enjoy other than their lover’s body. Most flavored lube bottles look like innocent little tubes, so no one will have any clue that that orange bottle in your picnic basket is actually fruit flavored lube!

picnic must-havesBondage Rope – You’re alone in the middle of the woods with your lover, not a soul in sight. For lovers of bondage, this is a great opportunity to try out some outdoor BDSM! Bringing along a set of bondage ropes like the Sex & Mischief Adjustable Rope Restraints for a new experience that you won’t forget. We strongly suggest you only do this in areas where this sort of activity is legal, of course, and use a set of ropes that are easy to remove in the event that you are no longer alone in your picnic spot!

Battery Powered Candles – Now, ordinarily, the flame is the sexiest part of candles. But if you are outdoors for your picnic, having an open flame in many area is not only not the smartest idea, it’s also illegal. Battery powered tea lights like the ones found in the Petals of Passion Romance Kit won’t be lighting anything on fire. Just enough light to be seen, but nothing too overpowering, battery powered tea lights will help set the mood for lovers looking to have a romantic outdoor picnic.

Rose Petals – Up the romance factor by having rose petals strewn across your picnic blanket. You could go out to the florist on your way to the park and pick up some live roses, but we think there’s a much better option. In the Perfect Gift Diamond Princess kit, you not only get silk rose petals, but you also get battery powered candles and flavored lubricant that we mentioned before. Just throw in a set of bondage ropes and you’ve got yourself an afternoon to remember!