Sexy Summer Essentials – Summer Wedding Must-Haves

I know for a lot of us, the month of June means going to at least one wedding. Whether you’re taking part in it as a bride’s maid, or just going to support your friends, weddings can be a very sexually charged atmosphere – especially once the drinks are flowing at the receptions! So what little toys can you bring along to your next summer wedding so that your naughty meet ups are just that much more exciting? Here are four items we’d stuff in our handbag before heading out to our next wedding reception!

Condoms – Weddings seem to be one of those places where random hookups happen. Be sure to play it safe, and that means using barrier protection. Some condoms come in smaller metal cases that are great places to store the ‘leftovers’ in the event there’s nowhere else to put it, but for those time when you’ve got a garbage can nearby, standard condoms like the Adam & Eve Ribbed Condoms are perfectly priced for those who don’t want an expensive condom with all the bells and whistles for a possible one-night-stand.

Fingertip Vibrator – If a self-loving quickie is all you’re up for this wedding season, stick with smaller vibes that can travel well. Those with fingertip straps like the Fingo Nubby are easier to control when reaching downward, and don’t have the awkward issue of where to direct the other end of a longer vibe – especially when you’re sitting down. Be sure to try out your fingertip vibe before you head to the ceremony, though, as some make a louder buzzing sound than your standard sized vibrator.

summer wedding must-havesUnderwear Style Harness – There are certain situations where the best sex is used with a strapon. For lesbian lovers looking for a quickie, or the pegging loving hetero couple who can’t wait to get home, digression is key. There are a few strapon harnesses on the market that fit like underwear, like the Vibrating Strapon for Him set. That way there’s no sign of straps or buckles under your dress to give away what pleasures you are packing underneath. We suggest a larger handbag if you’re going to bring a full sized dildo along to put into this great strapon set, though!

Crotchless Panties – For the ladies on the receiving end that don’t want to fuss with sex toys, crotchless panties are one of the best ways to enjoy your quickie without having to worry about where to put your underwear. Easy access means that you can get your naughty rendezvous over faster (if that’s what you’re looking for), or at least give you some extra time to enjoy the moment rather than having to get re-dressed. We love the look of the Crotchless Wide Lace Thong under a form fitting evening dress.

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