Sexy Summer Must Haves – Discreet Masturbators To Bring On Vacation

Sometimes you get a little horny while you are on vacation. Maybe it’s all the cocktails or maybe its all the tropical weather, but sometimes you just want to get into that hotel bath and squeeze one out, or rub one out – depending on what gender you are. However, when you are on vacation you can’t just bring any vibrator or male masturbator with you – it needs to be discreet and it needs to go through security without raising any serious eyebrows. Luckily, Adam & Even has everything you need for some discreet solo time while you are on your summer getaway. Or, some fun time with that sexy single you find strolling on the beach.

G – Vibe – This vibrator might not be the smallest vibrator to take with you on your vacation, but it still makes the perfect discreet erotic toy to bring with you on your getaway because it doesn’t really look like a typical vibrator, it is lightweight and it is virtually silent. If you have a whole row of airplane seats to yourself and you are on a red-eye flight to paradise, no one will have any idea. It also has multiple different vibration modes and multiple different speeds to provide a totally unique discreet vibeFingo Nubby Finger Vibrator – Duh, a vibrator you can stick on your finger – that is small and allows you to use it wherever and whenever. It is pretty obvious why this vibrator is the perfect vibrator to bring with you on vacation. It is also obvious why this is one of the most popular discreet vibrators. Plus, this vibrator is small, but it is known to pack an orgasmic punch that is as powerful as the big vibrators that you might keep in your nightstand, so it makes the perfect portable vibrator for your weekend getaway to the country or on that two-week tropical vacation. Your partner can even place it on his or her toe for some extra fun foreplay.

The Tube Stroker – This one is for the guys out there. Whether you are going for a business meeting or on your honeymoon, you will undoubtedly need your “alone time” – away from the fam and away from the wife. The male masturbator is incredible, because it is made out of a specially patented material called UR3, which was designed by rocket scientists to feel exactly like real skin. Basically, close your eyes and use this masturbator and you will feel like you are fucking a real live pussy – yes it’s that good.

So, there you go – all you need for some discreet “you time” while you are away on vacation. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for picking up a small or silent masturbator or vibrator, because when you are stuck in the hotel room all by yourself and your mind goes wandering, you’ll wish you brought some erotic tools with you.