Silicone Power Cages For Ultimate Stimulation

It’s time to talk about a toy for him! Penis rings are a great basic toy to use in the bedroom, but if you’re looking to upgrade from that single circle the Silicone Power Cages are a perfect step up. With three different stages of stimulation, you can easily choose what level of stimulation is best for you. Each also comes with a textured bullet vibrator and testicles ring that can be used to add another layer of fun, or left to one side for your basic play.

Beginner’s Silicone Power Cage – The basic unit is the most simple in design – a single strap of silicone running from the base of the penis to the tip along the shaft, and a second unit mirroring it at the bottom. Connecting these two is a series of four straps around the circumference of the shaft. The base also has a ball strap that can be placed around the testicles to delay ejaculation. It has a total length of 4.75 inches, is 1.3 inches wide and has an inner diameter of 1.5 inches.

Deluxe Silicone Power Cage – Take the size and shape of the beginner unit, and add a second set of base-to-shaft silicone straps, and you have the deluxe version. Just like the beginner unit, the Deluxe Silicone Power Cage has a vibrating bullet that not only adds another layer of pleasure for the receiver; it vibrates the cage itself, giving the wearer a boost. The set of 15 numbs are a treat when the vibe is turned off, and positively toe curing when it’s turned on.

Extreme Silicone Power Cage – Love the stimulation that the silicone straps give, but want even more? The Extreme Silicone Power Cage backs away from the striped pattern of the Beginner and Deluxe and brings forward a web style that will get your eyes rolling into the back of your head. The two base-to-head straps are there, but in between is a crisscross mesh of straps that will help you feel every inch of his manhood.Silicone Power Cages For Ultimate Stimulation

Because these power cages are made from silicone, you only want to use a water based lubricant during intercourse. You also should not be using a condom with this pleasure product – either over or under the Silicone Power Cage. The cages are waterproof, making them very easy to clean with your basic soap and water solution, or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The vibrating bullet uses 3 LR44 batteries, but those are included with your purchase.

We can think of a few ‘stocking stuffer’ bedroom toys for guys – with this certainly being on the top of the list. Since the Silicone Power Cages retail at Adam and Eve for less than $20, it’s a great little gift to slip under the tree this year!