Six Sex Laws You May Be Breaking

As Adam and Eve blogger Penelope Pardee has recently discovered, there are sex laws on the books in some states that could seriously get you into trouble if they are actually enforced. We’ve gathered a few of the sex laws you may be breaking and not even be aware of it!

  • Not only is the sale of sex toys prohibited in Alabama, there’s also a law in Texas that forbids the sale of simulated genital organs, such as dildos and artificial vaginas. No Fleshlights for sale in the Lone Star State?
  •  In Willowdale, Oregon, it’s illegal to swear during sex. That’s right – no dirty talk in the bedroom. So make sure you keep your language PG rated when you are in the throes of passion with your lover!sex laws you may be breaking
  •  The only sex position that’s permitted by Washington DC law is missionary. No doggy style, no reverse cowgirls, and no standing sex in the showers. You’d think that with all the sex scandals that go on in our nation’s capital, they’d be a bit more open minded!
  •  In Helena, Montana, you can’t dance on the bar if you’re clothes weigh less than 3lbs 2oz. One creative Montana dancer found a way to get around the law that would pretty much forbid dancing in a skimpy outfit – get wet! The additional weight of the water will help you tip the scales in your favor.
  •  There’s a law on the books in Romboch, Virginia that forbids having sex with the lights on. This covers all sexual activity. So, if you plan on giving your partner a surprise blow job, make sure turn the lights off first!
  •  The hotels in Sioux Falls, South Dakota must follow a pretty strict set of rules when it comes to the beds in the rooms. Each room must have two twin beds, spaced at least two feet apart. This only comes into effect if you are renting the room for a single night, though. You also can’t have sex in the space between the beds. If you can manage to make love on a twin bed, though, you’re in the clear!