Six Silly Love Superstitions That May Help You Out

We all know that superstitions are just a silly way to put the odds in your favor – or are they? Sure, putting your profile is one way to get more potential partners to pay attention to you, but maybe there are a few smaller things you can do to help? Here are six silly love superstitions that may help you find the partner of your dreams. Go ahead – there’s no harm in it!

1. If you sleep with a mirror underneath your pillow at night, superstition dictates that you will dream about your future partner. (We suggest using a pretty small mirror. Wouldn’t want to cancel out those dreams with seven years of bad luck from a broken mirror!)

2. This one is slightly more involved, but still has that “overnight” appearance factor. Take 26 pieces of paper and write each letter on the alphabet on one. (So one with A, one with B, one with C, etc.) Grab a bowl of water and place each of the pieces of paper face down on the surface. Then take this bowl and place it under your bed while you sleep. When you wake in the morning, the ones that have flipped over and face up will be the initials of your future loved one.

3. Never take the corner seat! According to Russian tradition, if a woman sits at the corner seat at a table, it will give her seven years back luck in the relationship department. In fact – some Russian families only have round tables to eliminate any possibility of their daughters getting stuck in this back luck cycle!Six Silly Love Superstitions That May Help You Out4. Grab those four leaf clovers – as well as the ones with only two leaves! There are a number of superstitions around this little green plant when it comes to love. Placing a two or four leaf clover in your shoe is said to meet your future partner or meet a man or woman with the same name as your lover-to-be. There’s even one that says if you cross a bridge with a clover in your shoe, you’ll meet your lover on that trip!

5. Hang a bird’s wishbone over your door. The first person to enter will be your future partner. This also works by replacing the wishbone with a corn cob with only 20 kernels remaining on the cob.

6. Counting horses may be the key to finding your partner. One superstition says that if you count sixty white horses and one white mule, you’ll marry the next person that you shake hands with. Another  version of this says the same of counting one hundred white horses  during  leap year – so you’ll have to wait until 2016 to try that one out!