Six Unexpected And Sexy Stocking Stuffers

What to get for the lady who has everything? Rather not get another video game for your boyfriend? Sex toys as stocking stuffers can be an unexpected and sexy treat for women who don’t spoil themselves as much as they should, and guys who aren’t likely to go out and get themselves a new plaything!

sexy stocking stuffers

Mini Bullet Vibrators – These tiny toys are typically slightly longer than the AA batteries that power them, but have enough vibrating power behind them to get the job done. The basic mini bullet vibrator is ideal for clitoral stimulation. There are also models available with retrieval strings attached so they can be inserted internally to provide another level of pleasure.

Ben Wa Balls – Made popular by the Fifty Shades novels, ben wa balls are a sex toy that a lot of ladies are just starting to explore. They also have the added benefit of exercising your kegel muscles to help tighten and tone your pelvic floor. They’re almost so inconspicuous that you could open this gift in public – but we’d still save them for later!

Flavored Oral Sex Lube – Drop one of these bottles into your man’s stocking and he’ll get the idea rather quickly! Some oral sex lubes can help you deep throat without the gagging, while others have flavors that enhance the overall experience. Most oral sex lubes can be used on ladies as well.

Nipple Clips and Nipple Suckers – Because these sex toys attach to a small part of the body, by nature they are easy to fit into a Christmas stocking. For the fetish fans, you can pick up a pair that are connected by a chain, or that have clasps where you can control the pressure. For the rest of us, vibrating nipple clamps let your hands pay attention to other matters while in the bedroom!

Anal Beads – This sex toy is an easy way to start your anal exploration this winter. Whether you go with a single molded unit, or a collection of beads attached by a cord, these sex toys are a rare treat! You can go as large or small as you can handle, or choose to just pop in a single bead at a time.

Cock Rings – This isn’t a gift just for him! Many cock rings come with vibrators that press up against a woman’s clit during intercourse, helping them achieve orgasm as well. These compact little sex toys will fit right into the stocking’s toe so you have to reach all the way down to get the very best gift at the end!