Skinny Dipping As A New Years Tradition

There are a number of traditions associated with New Years – staying up until midnight, kissing someone as the clock strikes twelve, singing Auld Lang Syne – but there’s an unusual tradition that is gaining popularity in the last few years. Skinny dipping on New Year’s Day is becoming part of many adventurous morning-afters!

new year tradition

Skinny dipping – or jumping into a pool of water completely naked – at this time of the year is a feat, no matter where you live. Even in the warmer parts of the world, the water itself is the coldest it will be all year. Jumping into the ocean in places like New York, Boston, or London will set you into water that’s barely above freezing.

If you are going to take the plunge, why not gather a group up and make it for a good cause?  While many skinny dippers plunge into the freezing ocean on New Year’s Day for their own satisfaction, others dive into frigid water for charity. One skinny dipping event in north east England saw 400 naked bodies running into the sea to raise thousands of dollars for a mental health charity. The temperature outside the water was well below freezing, and the water wasn’t much warmer that than!

So how do you keep yourself safe when taking the plunge? First, make sure the area that you are planning to dip allows public nudity. Even if you don’t plan on being in the area for very long, you want to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws. Get together with a bunch of other people – there is warmth in numbers. Once you get in the water, keep moving around. While you think that drinking alcohol may keep you warmer, it will actually reduce your overall body temperature. Once you get out of the water, dry off as quickly as possible and have yourself a hot (non-alcoholic) drink.

If you’re a bit bashful about revealing yourself in front of a crowd, you don’ t have to strip down to your birthday suit right there on the beach. A lot of dippers go into the water in their underwear or two piece bathing suit, then take it off when the water is covering up their body. While this may be alright for summertime skinny dipping, you may find that you aren’t going to completely submerge your body during a New Year’s Day skinny dip. Whichever you choose to do, have fun!

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