Some Secrets A Woman Should Know About A Man

Every man wants to know the magical secret about women, but what about the secrets and mysteries surrounding men? Sure, many people think that men have one side: unshaven, bad haircut, slight beer gut and a love of sports. Does that sum it up? However, men are a little more multi-sided than they lead the world on to believe. The key, though, is understanding these sides, because once you do, relationships can be stronger and the insecurity can simmer down a little. Here are some secrets that a woman should know about a man.

Men will sometimes keep things a secret in order to make you feel better. Yes, you may think he is hiding information, but the real truth is that he is hiding that information for a reason. For instance, if he once dated a really skinny woman and he knows that you are a little self-conscious about your weight, there is a good chance he won’t tell you. The fact that he is hiding things from you is a secret in and of itself, but do you really want to know what’s inside those secrets? – Probably not.Some Secrets A Woman Should Know About A Man Men are also self-conscious and hyper aware about their appearance. Yes, even though guys don’t spend all day in front of a mirror flipping out, it doesn’t mean that they don’t think about their appearance and even feel a little insecure. Men age too and they bald, get chubbier and their bodies can take on shapes and forms that resemble jello and play dough. However, this is all part of the aging process. If you are honest about what you feel self-conscious about, maybe you can talk about it and hopefully age gracefully together.

Men are worried about money and their career. Yes, the economy has been a rocky one in the past couple of years and that may be taking a toll on your partner. Even though he may not show it, he could be really worried about his job. A lot of people are getting laid off and putting a huge damper on the fun in life. In fact, money worries can affect your sex life and intimacy. So, be sure to talk about it and maybe if you can increase his confidence about his finances, you can also spice it up in the bedroom.

Men have feelings. This may be a shocker to some, but it’s true – men have feelings…deep, complicated feelings. A guy may not talk about these feelings, but he definitely has them. However, instead of trying to pry them out – that could make things worse – try to be more understanding when he gets on edge or angry, because it is only a sign that he doesn’t know how to properly express himself. It’s not always your fault. Perhaps realizing this will strengthen your relationship, so that you can focus on the more fun things in life, like being in love and, well, enjoying life.

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