Something For Everyone With The Optimale Vibrate Double Penis Ring

I’m not a guy who uses sex toys very often, so when my wife got me the Optimale Vibrate Double Penis Ring for Valentine’s Day, I was a bit skeptical. It took her a bit of coaxing, but I eventually gave in and tired it out a few weeks later. I’m glad she pestered me as much as she did, since it was an experience I’ll be repeating.

The first thing that you might think when you look at the Optimale Vibrate Double Penis Ring is that it looks like some kind of space ship. The double rings are flanked on either side by textured bullet vibrators. (I resisted the temptation to fly it through the air and have it ‘land’ on my penis.) The larger ring goes around the shaft of your penis. This will restrict the blood flow, keeping your erection harder for longer. The smaller ring goes around your testicles, helping delay your orgasm for longer lasting sex. The vibrator on the top is mostly for the woman, as a direct clit vibe. The one on the bottom is there for you, for the guys that like to have their balls played with. The vibrators each have separate on/off buttons as well as vibration settings. (You don’t have to have them both on the same setting, or even both on at the same time.)

Optimale Vibrate Double Penis RingCoordinating my body to get it on correctly did take two of us, and a bottle of lube, to sort out. (I’m a clumsy guy with a big sack. I’m sure others won’t have trouble lassoing their penis and testicles into the loops.) It was a snug fit, but it’s supposed to be – keeping the blood flow restricted is what penis rings do at their most basic level. I kept the bottom vibrator on low since I’m quite sensitive down there – just playing with my balls a little bit gets me cumming fast. The top one was set a bit faster and harder to keep my wife’s clit happy.

The sex session did last longer than usual – even when you discount the time it took to put on and take off the Optimale Vibrate Double Penis Ring. The orgasm I had was longer lasting as well. Maybe it was the whole build up thing that made it longer, harder and stronger. Maybe it was the toy. (Who am I kidding – it was probably the toy.) I’m not complaining – and I will be using the Optimale Vibrate Double Penis Ring again.