Spring Cleaning Your Sex Toys

It’s that time of the year when we start opening up the windows and getting the house cleaned up in a mad dash of spring cleaning. But are you forgetting about your sex toys? Yes, even our most intimate playthings need attention at this time of year. So what do you need to look for when giving your toys a once over? The team here at Adam and Eve is here to help!

Inspect the wires on your toys. After a while, some of the wires for toys with remote controls can get a bit worn. The plastic coating can wear away, exposing bare wires. Other times wires can start to pull away from the toys themselves, creating an unstable connection. If your toys are starting to show signs of wear, a bit of electrical tape around the frayed area can be a temporary fix until you find a replacement.

Give a once over to your jelly and silicone toys. While jelly and silicon are some of the least expensive materials to make sex toys from, they do start to degrade over time. Jelly toys that have cracks or tears in the material can become homes for all sorts of nasty bacteria, especially if they haven’t been cleaned properly. Silicon toys can also start to break down, especially if they have been used with a condom or silicone based lubricant in the past. If your toys look suspicious, throw them away.

spring cleaning

Check the dates. Condoms have expiration dates for a reason – the materials that the condom is made from (latex or something similar) start to break down after a while. Spermicidal lubricants found in condoms lose their abilities over time as well. If you’ve got lube with spermicide as well, it may be time to check the date. Your lube not have an expiration date on it? Experts agree to throw them away after a year, just to be on the safe side.

Have a look at the batteries. Pop open the battery door to your toy and have a look. If they’ve started to go rusty or leak, take them out and get some replacements. You don’t want the caustic materials inside the battery to ruin your sex toy – or worse, get onto your sensitive skin!

Give them all a bath. Once you’ve inspected your toys in your spring cleaning session, you may want to give them all a good thorough cleaning. Some toys, like those made from glass, can be placed into your dishwasher for a thorough sterilization. Others can be washed with specialized toy cleaner or simple warm and soapy water.

Store them correctly. While keeping all your sex toys in a shoebox under your bed may be easy, it’s not going to breathe long life into your playthings. If your toy came with a cloth bag for storage, keep it in that bag. Jelly toys and others that tend to gather a lot of lint or dust can be wrapped in plastic wrap or kept in plastic zip bags – gallon sized freezer varieties work the best. Pull your batteries out of your toys when they aren’t being used, as this will help the batteries last longer.