Squirting – Female Ejaculation Explained

It’s one of those kinky things that some ladies want to do, but are clueless as to how to go about it – squirting. If you’re under the impression that female ejaculation doesn’t happen, all you need to do is head to Adam and Eve’s adult movie collection and see that squirting is indeed a real sexual phenomenon! So how does one go about learning how to squirt – and what exactly is that fluid coming out of the body? We’re here to help you reach your soaking wet goals!

First, let’s discuss biology. Sat inside the female body, behind the G-sport and close to the bladder is the Skene’s Gland. It’s basically the female version of the prostate, and just like the prostate, it produces fluid when stimulated. Whereas men need to go through their anus for prostate stimulation, the Skene’s Gland can be accessed via the vagina, thought g-spot stimulation. When it’s aroused, it fills with fluid, which it then expels – sometimes during an orgasm, sometimes not. Not all women have a Skene’s Gland, or have one so small that it’s mostly unused.Squirting - Female Ejaculation Explained

Because the Skene’s Gland is so close to the bladder, as well as the fact that the expelled fluid exits the body through the same opening as urine, a lot of women mistake the sensation of female ejaculation with urination. This is the number one hurdle for ladies who are unable to squirt – getting it out of their mind that they are peeing on their lover. One of the easiest ways to help get over this is to use the bathroom before having sex. You can’t urinate on your partner if there’s no urine in your bladder! The other is that they are going to ‘ruin’ their furniture with their squirting. This is the time to break out all your towels beforehand to get the scene set. If you’re self-conscious about having your lover seeing layers of beach towels on your bed, place them under the fitted sheet. This will give you an extra layer of bedding to wash, but it’ll still save your mattress from soaking.

So how to do get to the point of squirting in the first place? A few hours beforehand,  have a glass of water or two. This will make sure you’re properly hydrated for the event. After emptying your bladder,  head to your bed or couch and get comfortable. The Skene’s Gland needs to be aroused to get it to work, which means you need to be aroused! Get the adult movies going, grab your favorite lube, and get a hold of your best g-spot toy (even if these are fingers). You need a slow and steady buildup – 15 to 30 minutes for some ladies! Get close to orgasming, then come back down again. Build, drop, repeat. Once you are as close to that edge as you can be, then it’s time to switch gears and concentrate on squirting.

G-spot stimulation is key here. Use your fingers or your toy to start building pressure on that fleshy patch inside your vagina. This time don’t stop yourself from orgasming. If you feel the need to ‘pee’, press down and go with it – this is the Skene’s Gland emptying out. For some ladies this is a full on fountain. For others, it gushes out their body as a trickle. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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