Stay Warm This Fall With Self Heating Sex Toys

Winter is just around the corner, and with that comes the cool weather. There are a number of ways you can warm your cockles with sex toys, but one of the lesser known methods is through self-heating sex toys. Yes – these little bundles of pleasure purposely produce heat up as part of their pleasure process. With something for the ladies and the gents, you can both keep at least parts of you warm this season!

The majority of ladies sex toys that are heated come in the form of vibrators. These tend to have the largest surface area for heat transfer, and are the easiest to create. If you think about it, it would be rather difficult to get a lot of warmth from something like heated nipple clamps! Not only do heated toys give you another layer of sensation, they can also produce a more “lifelike” feel to the toy. A man’s aroused penis is usually rather warm, but a silicone fake cock at room temperature is certainly a different experience.

Some self-heating sex toy for ladies come in smaller packages, though. The Body & Soul Duplicity Bullets is marketed as a super quiet sex toy, but one of the factors that is often overlooked is that is it also self-heating. The two small vibrating bullets heat up to a comfortable temperature. Because the cord is so strong on this toy, it can be used vaginally or anally, so both men and women can enjoy the heat. Self-heating vibrators do tend to drain the batteries quicker, though, so we suggest stocking up on lithium disposables or even rechargeable batteries.Stay Warm This Fall With Self Heating Sex ToysHow about the guys, though? Unusually, we see the self-heating characteristic a whole lot more in men’s sex toys than in ladies, in one large segment of the sex toy population – hand masturbators. No matter what you call them – onaholes, fake pussies, Fleshlights – these are the toys that lead the self-heating craze. You tend to get two divisions of the self-heating male masturbator – those that use rods or sleeves to heat up the toy which are sometimes removed prior to use, and those that plug in and stay heated throughout your experience.

The masturbators with the sleeves or rods usually have their heating units warmed in the microwave before using them on the toy itself to pass the heat. Once the “flesh” of the toy is at the right temperature, the sleeve or rod is taken away. The toy is then used as normal. The other style of masturbator usually has heating elements within the toy itself that stay on while in use. This delivers a longer lasting level of heat, but tend to be more expensive than the rod or sleeve style. In both cases, the result is not only a warmer toy, but a more lifelike experience all around!

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