Steamy Places To Have Sex Outside The House

Even though the holidays have past, most of the country is still stuck in the doldrums of winter. Taking your erotic escapades outdoors isn’t really an option yet if you don’t want to get frostbite. So how do you satisfy the exhibitionist in you without risking hypothermia? Here are three steamy places to have sex outside the house, but not necessarily outdoors!

In A Parked Car: You may have lined up along a deserted road for a quickie in your teenage years, but now is a great time to revive that youthful desire and get it on in the back seat of the car. For those who aren’t as “open” about their sex lives as they once were, keep in mind that it takes at least seven minutes for the body to generate enough steam to fog up the windows. Make-shift curtains made out of coats squeezed into closed windows should help, and crank up that heat to keep warm.

Steamy Places To Have Sex Outside The HouseAt Your Office: So you’re up for some kinky fun in your office, but not ready to get spied on? Make your rendezvous after normal office hours. You can explain to nosey officemates that you’ve got a pile of work to sort through, and drop a hint to the cleaning crew that your office doesn’t need their attention tonight. While your desk might not be as comfortable as a pile of snow, it’ll sure save you from that dreaded frostbite.

Planes and Trains: Commuting to the office with your honey? Taking a much needed trip away? Take advantage of those small bathrooms on planes and trains. One great tip that we have heard from mile-high club members is to bring an airsickness back with you to the bathroom. That way if you do get caught, you can ‘play’ that one of you is not feeling so well, and the other is there to comfort them. Just remember to zip up before you open the door.

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