Stocking Up On Sex Toy Necessities

Getting your sex toy supplies bulk can be a way to save a few extra dollars, but only if you do it the right way. How long can you really keep a pack of condoms? Will your year-old lube need to be thrown away? Where can I get a bunch of batteries to keep me “warm” throughout the winter months? We’ve got the low down on stocking up on your sex toy necessities!

Batteries – Before heading out to your local wholesale store to get a gross ton of batteries, you’ll want to make a few calculations. First – how many do you actually need to get you through the next few years? While many battery manufacturers will tell you their products will last “up to ten years”, the reality is that most batteries will start to lose their juice after a few years. You’re better off calculating how long you typically go through batteries in a year, and multiplying that by 3 to 5. Keep your eyes open for sales. A lot of the time it may be cheaper to buy multiple 4-packs of Duracell AA batteries than to dish out the funds for a set of 40.

Condoms – Thankfully, most condoms these days have an expiration date on them. Typically, this is around four years from the date of manufacture. Once again – make the calculation as to how many you typically go through in a week, and then multiply that by around 210 (plus a few more for “good” measure). Luckily, it’s very easy to get condoms bulk, like the Pleasure Condom Sampler 75-pack or the Rapture Condom Collection 55-pack. You can also pick up what are referred to as “party packs” that contain hundreds of condoms. These are better for those folks who don’t mind variety in their condoms. If you tend to stick to a single brand, buying them bulk is slightly more difficulty – but it can be done! Stocking Up On Sex Toy Necessities Lube – Most experts agree that you should only buy enough lube to last you a year at a time. While most water, oil and silicone based lubes won’t go “bad” after a year, they will start to lose some of their qualities. Water based lubes can try up and go a bit tacky, desensitizing lubes can lose effectiveness and the contraceptives in some lubes can break down. For most, a standard bottle of lube will last them the year, but that’s not to say you can’t get large amount of lube cheap! So if you’re planning on having a lube wrestling party or making an indoor slip and slide, stock up on gallon-plus bottles of sexual lubricant.

Supplements – Like condoms, both male and female sexual supplements tend to come with expiration dates. If yours does not, it’s generally time to throw them away after 18 months to two years. You’ll also want to keep them in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight. Dietary supplements are easy to purchase in larger amounts, like the 60 pills in the Xplosion Dietary Supplements. Even single-tablet purchases like the Rock Hard Weekend come in three and eight packs for those looking to stock up.