Summertime Foods To Get You In The Mood

 You may not know it by looking out the window, but summer is almost here. For a lot of us that means outdoor grilling, picnics at the beach, trips to the ice cream stand and great seafood from our shores. But did you know that there are certain foods that are summer specific that will give your love life a boost? There are quite a few foods that are summer time aphrodisiacs that you may want to include in your next romantic meal together!

Grilled Asparagus – Looking for something to serve alongside your burgers and steaks from the BBQ? Grill up some asparagus for a great summertime aphrodisiac! Asapragus is chock full of folic acid, which boosts histamine production in the body. This in turn helps those who are in the throws of passion achieve more substantial orgasms. This little green stick of love has been used as far back as the 1700s for its aphrodisiac nature. In the 1900s, French men who were about to be married dined on nothing but asparagus for the 24 hours leading up to their wedding day. Summertime Foods

Avocado Salad – Chunk it up and put it on your favorite taco, burger, or as a great side salad, and avocados will go a long way in making your night more amorous! Did you know that the name for the avocado tree in Aztec translates to “testicle tree”? The reason that avocados may be great for the sexual systems seems to be in its resemblance to male organs rather than any chemical makeup, but who doesn’t love a side of guacamole with their plate of nachos anyway?

Banana Splits – Going out to the local ice cream shop to pick up a scoop or two on a hot summer night? If you’re looking for some late night action, you might be best off grabbing yourself a banana split rather than just a cone! Bananas have chelating minerals and certain enzymes that help boost a guy’s libido. Bananas are also symbolic when it comes to love – Hindus see it as a sign of fertility, and in other cultures, a banana left on the doorstep announces that a marriage is about to take place.

S’mores – Oh, those ooey gooey marshmallows toasted over an open fire. While the romance of the campfire may be one step to setting the mood, the addition of chocolate in your s’mores will help you in the love department as well. We all know that there are oodles of chemicals in chocolate that will set the mood, so might as well double up on your chocolate bar for this summertime treat!

Oysters – With the summer comes some of the best and freshest seafood that money can buy. If you are lucky enough to live next to a fishing port, why not head to your local oyster bar and get some of the best summertime aphrodisiacs around? The zinc in oysters raises sperm count, the fatty acids help your overall feeling of well-being, and the dopamine will get that mood boosted.

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