Ten Attraction Facts That May Suprise You

While we may all like to think that it’s what is inside that counts, a person’s appearance can make a difference in ways that you may not imagine. Do more hansom defendants get off easier? Do pretty women really have it harder? Do cuter kids get punished less?

attraction facts

The team here at Adam and Eve have found ten attraction facts that may come as a surprise to you!

–          Have you ever seen a couple before and thought that one was way more attractive than the other? That they were just out of each other’s leagues? It’s been found that people who are highly attractive tend to seek out less attractive partners as they will be able to maintain more power in the relationship.

–          One study has shown that not only do more attractive defendants have a lower chance of being convicted for their crimes, if they do end up being found guilty, their sentences tend to be more lenient.

–          While it’s widely known that “beauty bias” (the fact that more attractive people make more money and progress through promotions at a faster rate) exists in the workplace, this isn’t the case in all employment areas. Attractive women who work in typically male-dominated and male-stereotyped jobs, such as construction work or mechanics, are perceived to be less capable of success in those types of roles.

–          Children who are more attractive tend to receive fewer or less harsh punishments from their parents and teachers than their less attractive peers. Teachers expect more from attractive children, and are shown to give them more attention which leads to fewer punishment and higher grades.

–          A specific hormone slows down the growth in the female face – specifically, the lower cheeks, brow line, and jaw. These smaller qualities are much more attractive to men. The hormone involved? Estrogen – the major hormone in reproduction.

–          Certain colors and scents can make a women appear more attractive to a man. Women who wear red are more likely to be asked out on dates, as well as have their partners spend more money on them. For smells – lavender and pumpkin have similar effects.

–          The hormones found in most birth control pills can actually change who a woman is attracted to. Ladies who are on the pill tend to find more masculine features like larger levels of muscle tone, facial hair, and deeper voices more attractive. Ironically, increased masculine features due to larger amounts of male hormones are linked to higher divorce rates.

–          If you’re a plain looking person and a victim of a crime, the chances of your local news station running your story is less likely than your attractive counterparts.

–          Men are attracted to younger women, as they will more than likely have greater fertility levels than older women. On the other hand, women prefer older men as they have the resources needed to provide for their family.

–          For the ancient Christians and Hebrews, beauty was a reward from God. Being less than attractive was a punishment.

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