Ten Facts You Never Knew About Sex Toys

For those of you who strive to cram as much random knowledge in your head as possible, here is a list of ten facts about sex toys that you probably didn’t know! ten facts about sex toys

  1. The ‘rabbit’ style vibrator has one unique feature that you may not be aware of – a smiley face. Since the rabbit was designed in Japan, their rather conservative customs when it comes to sex restrict the production of toys that closely resemble actual anatomy. If you look at the tip of your rabbit’s ‘cock’ end, you may see a face smiling back at you!
  2. Merkins, or pubic wigs, were originally designed for 15th century prostitutes, so that they could hide public lice and syphilis symptoms.
  3. The sale of sex toys and vibrators are banned in one American state – Alabama. Perhaps coincidentally, neighboring Mississippi buys more anal toys per capital than any other state.
  4.  Sex toys are recession proof! Numerous studies have shown that when women are going through difficult economic times, one of the very last things they ‘give up’ are their sex toys. In fact, during the 2009 recession, Adam and Eve experienced a 17% INCREASE in sales!
  5.  The best-selling sex toy may not be what you think it is – its lube! More lubricant is sold through sex toy retailers than any other line of product.
  6. Humans aren’t the only ones who use sex toys. Chimpanzees have been witnessed creating their own tools to bring themselves sexual pleasure.
  7. Are you willing to pay $55,000 for a sex toy? That’s how much the most expensive sex toy to be sold cost. It was a white gold dildo made by Jean-Francois Tokars in Paris. Rumor has it, though, that when Victoria Beckham was pregnant, her husband David Beckham splashed out on a $1.8 million platinum vibrator with a diamond incrusted base that was linked to a 16 carat diamond necklace. Only ten of those were ever made.
  8. The world’s oldest dildo was discovered in Germany, and is estimated to be at least 28,000 years old.
  9. 20% of adults admit to being involved in BDSM play at some stage in their lives, but this number has sharply increased since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Sales of bondage toys, masks and other sex tools discussed in the novels sent sales through the roof.
  10. The world’s largest vibrating jelly dong measures 14.5 inches from the tip to the base (11 inches from tip to balls), and ranges in diameter from 2.75 to 2.55 inches with 8.75 inch circumference at its largest point. It holds two separate bullet vibrators.