Ten Orgasm Facts That Will Curl Your Toes

Is there anything better than a toe-curling, bed rail grabbing, screaming at the top of your lungs orgasm? Well, we certainly don’t think so! Here are a collection of ten facts about your favorite free pleasure that you may not know!


1. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get the big O! The world’s record for the amount of time masturbating to orgasm is 6 and a half hours for a woman, and 8 and a half hours for a man!

2. In one study, orgasms were more effective than pain killers when it came to the speed of curing headache pain. In fact, 48% of those studied had their pain relieved by orgasms alone! I guess the old excuse won’t work anymore…

3. The French refer to orgasms as “le petit mort”, which means “the little death”. Unfortunately, this is all too true in some cases where achieving orgasm has caused hearty failure and death!

4. The electric powered home vibrator was available for women to buy and use at home way before other household products like the vacuum cleaner and iron.

5. There are a small group of men – only 0.06% – that can achieve orgasm through thought alone. No touching, no stroking, and no intercourse needed to get these guys to cum!

6. If you’re complaining about the amount of spooge your guy lets off, be glad you’re not a whale! The average adult male whale lets off about 5 gallons of semen at a time.

7. Only 1% of women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. Guess Anastasia Steele was one of the lucky ladies!

8. Technology has got to the point where ladies can pay to have a neuro-transmitter implanted into your body for the ultimate remote-controlled orgasms. It comes with a hefty price tag, though – more than $12,000!

9. Up to 60% of women have had some form of female ejaculation in their lifetime, with 10% having squirting as a regular occurrence during sex.

10. Higher levels of education may lead to sexual frustration. One German study showed that 38% of women who haven’t gone to college experience orgasm difficulties, but 62% of women who went to university do.

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