The Best Nude Beaches

Ready to become a nudist? Looking for the perfect nude beach?  There are few prerequisites to becoming a nudist, but once you have those down a visit to a clothing optional beach can be one of the best vacations of your life.

nudist beach

There’s nothing like basking in the sun, sand, and sea in the buff – especially if it’s a tropical locale and especially if its legal. You have to remember, you will be totally naked and around possibly hundreds of other naked people. If you are into that then you’re ready – grab you’re sunblock and a beach towel and go!

Right now is the perfect time to visit the bottom hemisphere. By that I mean Australia, because its Springtime and not too touristy– which is generally the best time to visit The Land Down Under – especially if you don’t want to wear anything down under.  And according to the Australian Naturist Federation between November 17 and November 25 is Nude Week. Fun! And according to the Federation, Samurai Beach is where all the fun in the sun will be. In November stay tuned for a naked cricket match and maybe a naked cruise!

And just opened: Caleta Colorada! – Peru’s first nude beach. You must take a boat there, but nudists say this is one of the best places to go bare in the sun.  Apparently, the water is warm and the fishing is great!

In Africa, visit Cape Town’s Sandy Bay where nudity is not legally protected, but is accepted. This private beach is a tiny secluded haven and the naked surfing is great!

And lastly, San Francisco has a bunch of amazing clothing op beaches. Given a grade of A or 100% by most nudists, Baker Beach is the spot to strip and soak up the rays. With a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge, this is cosmopolitan sun bathing!

So the next time you want a vacation, think about stripping down and visiting one of these beaches. It’ll be an adventure to remember!

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