The Best Places To Hide Your Sex Toys

Let’s be honest here. Not even the most sexually forward of us are leaving our sex toys out in the open 24/7. There’s kids, company, cleaners and even the odd real-estate agent that you may want to prevent perusing through your pleasure product collection. Other than the standard bedside cabinet or shoebox under the bed, where are the best places to store your toys away from prying eyes?

Sneaky Sack Toy Storage Bag – This may look like your ordinary travelling garment bag, but inside there are three pocket that can hold a number of sex toys, chargers and other adult products. So standard looking, it wouldn’t be out of place in a hotel room or guest bedroom. The inner material of this sex toy storage bag is waterproof, so it’ll help contain any lube leakage. It’s also resistant to bacterial growth, keeping your sex toys germ free.

Toy Chest – Want to keep your toys closer to the bed? This Toy Chest looks like a standard makeup case, but has room inside for several sex toys, adult DVDs, condoms and lube. One of the best things about the Toy Chest sex storage case is that is has two locks that can only be opened with a key. The Toy Chest wouldn’t look suspicious on top of your bedside table, in the bathroom or even in the closet. Where you place it is up to you.

Sugar Sak Storage Bags – While they aren’t the most discreet sex toy storage solutions out there, the Sugar Sak Storage Bags are easy to use as well as economical. Looking like Santa’s gift bag but without the Christmas print, the Sugar Sak Storage Bags are just that – your basic bag for holding pleasure products. The inner lining of the bag also inhibits bacterial, yeast, mildew and virus growth, so it’s much better to use a Sugar Sak than your standard pillow case.The Best Places To Hide Your Sex ToysOne creative sex toy reviewer who had a number of children and a sizable collection of pleasure products came up with a great DIY way to keep her sex toys in a convenient location but out of view. She took a standard plastic drawer set and glued cheap “dollar shop” underwear (folded up) against the end of the plastic in view. This made it look like she had a tub full of her panties without sacrificing the space for her wands, vibrators, BDSM tools and other pleasure products. Ingenious!