The Five Stages of Dating

If you look at the entirety of your relationship – or a past relationship – you will notice a distinct evolution. Every relationship starts off the same exact way and it takes the same trajectory. It is kind of like a bunch of people went into a room once upon a time and decided that every single relationship was basically going to be the same – just different people of course. No one knows what would happen if you were to break the mold, but maybe it wouldn’t be good. Here are the five stages of dating.

1. The “trying to impress the other person” phase. This is the phase of the relationship that is essentially full of BS and lies – endless lies. You think that by telling the person all these ridiculous lies that they will like you more? You’ll work through these little lies later and if you fall in love, you’ll just laugh about them.

2. The “my life was nothing before I met you” phase. After the first phase, you start realizing that maybe – just maybe – the other person was cosmically created for you and that everything in the universe leading up to that point was all meant to be. This is the phase when you can’t stop freaking out about each other and how perfect you are for each other.The Five Stages of Dating3. The “I farted and it’s okay” phase. This is the phase you get to around month four or five in the relationship. You get sort of sick of trying to impress each other and then you just let all your bodily functions – smells and sounds – fly. At first it is sort of like a confession and then you just keep doing it, because, hey, you’re human and it is kind of adorable at first.

4. The “too comfortable” phase. Eventually, all those bodily functions stop being cute and adorable – they become unbearable. Soon enough, every time your partner sneezes, burps or coughs, you want to say you are picking up Chinese food and then never come back.

5. The “break up and get back together” phase. Eventually you figure out and find that happy medium where you don’t annoy each other. You may break up here and there, but those are only little breaks – sometimes you need a breather here and there. Also, the make up sex will always be worth it.

Lastly, a relationship is a little bit like a movie and if you don’t capture the audience’s attention the whole way through, things just won’t work out. Also, you have to realize that a relationship has its up and downs, you can simply ride it through and when you finally hit land, you’ll realize that love really is awesome.

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