The Pros and Cons of Finger Vibrators

Finger vibes – little explosions of love that pack a punch, or a tiny little toy that’s more visual than anything else? Unlike traditional vibrators, these little units of joy have a bit of a divide when it comes to a fan base. If you’re looking to grab a finger vibrator and add it to your sex toy collection but unsure on making the commitment, here are our pros and cons for finger vibes.

Pros –

Finger vibes are great for clitoral stimulation. If you’re a lady who loves to get her clit played with, finger vibes are ideal for this job. They lend themselves perfectly to clit play, as it just slips over the tip of a finger. If you’ve ever pleasured yourself just using finger stimulation before, you’ve already got the technique down for using a finger vibe.

A finger vibrator is discreet when travelling. If you’ve ever travelled with sex toys in your hand luggage and been though a security check, you know how the possible level of embarrassment can get your heart pumping. Smaller vibes tend to pass through the inspector’s gaze easier as both the batteries and the mechanics involved are quite small. Even if you aren’t going through airport security checkpoints, it’s easier to slip a finger vibe in your purse or pocket than it does a traditional five inch vibrator.

The smaller motor on finger vibes tend to be quieter. If discretion is important to you, your (or your children sleeping in the next room over) are less likely to hear the motor running on your finger vibe than full length ones.

Finger vibrators are inexpensive. For the most part, finger vibes will cost you less than $20. While there are some higher end units like the Jimmy Jane Wearable Touch that’ll cost you more than $60, there are lower end models like the Bree Olsen Finger Bangers that will cost less than $7. There is a finger vibrator for every budget out there!

finger vibratorsCons –

Many finger vibrators use non-traditional batteries. Since a lot of finger vibes are so small, the usual AA or AAA batteries don’t fit. This means you’re using watch style batteries. Most finger vibes do come with batteries, but replacing them isn’t always as simple as picking up a pack with your grocery shopping.

There’s minimal penetration value with finger vibes. These sex toys are made to use externally, for the most part. They concentrate on clitoral stimulation. Some penetrative vibrators do come with finger loops, like the Neon Lil’ Finger Vibe, but they aren’t “finger vibrators” in the traditional sense.

Most finger vibrators have one speed and pattern setting. On or off – that’s usually all that setting that you get with finger vibes. You’re also looking at a steady pattern of vibrations as opposed to the pulse selection available with larger, more expensive vibrators.

Finges vibes tend to give a “buzzy” sensation rather than a “thuddy” sensation. Some ladies prefer a deeper vibration feeling when it comes to vibes. Finger vibes tend to have their vibrations very close to the surface of the toy, delivering a very ‘sharp’ and ‘quick’ sensation, as opposed to a ‘deep’ and ‘heavy’ sensation.