The Pros and Cons of Realistic Dildos

Want a glimpse into one of the more debated topics in the sex toy world? Which are better – dildos that are realistic (as in shaped like actual penises) or those that are not anatomically correct? Find a sex toy reviewer out there, and they’ll be sure to give you their opinion on the matter. Some women swear that getting as close to the ideal as possible is where the money’s at, while others think that there is more to a great orgasm than a realistically shaped member. That’s why we’ve got two ladies that are very opinionated on the matter to tell us what they feel are the pros and cons of realistic dildos.

Pros: For a lot of ladies, dildos are a penis replacement. It’s what’s been getting them off in real life for years, and now they want to have a ‘less than living and breathing’ version of one. Some also use realistic dildos to get something that they don’t ordinarily have access to, such as the case with ‘porn star’ molded realistic dildos that tend to be longer and thicker than your ordinary penis. There’s the whole ‘feel’ aspect to it – lifelike dildos feel like the real thing. A well-crafted one also stimulates the eyes.  -Lauren, Age 35The Pros and Cons of Realistic DildosCons: When you can’t get what you want from a real penis, you turn to a dildo. Why have a dildo that looks and feels just like the thing that doesn’t work for you? Many non-realistic style dildos are designed with a woman’s pleasure in mind. For ladies that like g-spot stimulation, a real penis shaped dildo may not be the tool that gets them off the best. Some need a more pronounced curve to the shaft, others need larger bulbs at the end. You’re not going to find these qualities in a real looking penis. What about uses for dildos in other sex act? If you’re training your butt for anal sex, you need something smaller and narrower to start. Going from zero to actual penis size and shape isn’t going to work. -Liv, Age 27

So what are your thoughts? Do you prefer a realistic representation of the male sex organ? Or are you more interested in the ability for a toy to get you off than the way it looks? How about a balance – do you have certain acts that you’ll use realistic dildos for, and other that you’ll break out the non-anatomical versions? Feel free to leave your opinion below!

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