The Pros and Cons of Rechargable Sex Toys

Sometimes spoiling yourself is in order. If you’re looking at higher end luxury sex toys, you may notice that more than a few of them have the ability to be recharged. Is spending more money on a rechargeable sex toy worth it? We’ve examined the pros and cons of rechargeable toys to help you decide if your next sex toy will be one without batteries.

Pros: The convenience aspect of rechargeable sex toys is probably their number one selling point. You can also fill your sex toy chest with ACTUALY sex toys instead of boxes and bags of batteries! Is there anything more annoying than trying to find more batteries for your toy when you’re in the middle of a steamy session? A lot of rechargeable sex toys – when fully juiced up – will last longer than your standard AAA powered pleasure products. We’ve noticed that the majority of rechargeable sex toys tend to be higher quality toys overall, coming from trusted brands like Lelo and JimmyJane. You can find almost every style of vibrating sex toy in a rechargeable form nowadays, including rabbit vibrators, penis rings,  remote controlled vibes and even couples vibrators like the We-Vibe III.The Pros and Cons of Rechargable Sex Toys

Cons: You may find that the price of rechargeable sex toys are higher than their battery powered counterparts. Some believe that this increase in price is somewhat balanced out by the fact that you’re not buying packs of AA batteries on a monthly basis to keep your toys going. If you happen to completely drain your sex toy during a long love making session (or just forgot to charge it up after your last one), you’ll either have to wait a few hours for your rechargeable to come back into use, or swap toys. Travelling with this style of can also be somewhat tricky – especially if you’re going international. First, many of these toys don’t have a ‘kill’ switch that makes sure they toy doesn’t accidentally get turned on. (With battery powered toys, it’s just a matter of popping out those AAAs.) Next, you’re going to have to find a power converter to be sure your sex toy can be recharged on foreign plug sockets. Lastly, they don’t make great carry-on bag material if you’re a bit squeamish about showing your sex toys in public to a possibly amused TSA worker.

Still unsure about spending money on a rechargeable sex toy? We encourage you to hit the internet and read reviews of those who have tried and tested these toys before. Find a reviewer that closely fits your ‘sex style’ – someone who orgasms in similar ways as you do (clitoral versus internal stimulation, for instance), has a partner setup like yours (solo, gay, straight, lesbian, poly, etc.) and has the same access to sex toys as you do. You really can’t ‘try before you buy’ with sex toys, but a trusted reviewer is almost as good!