The Rise Of STD Dating Sites

We all know that there is pretty much a dating site for every age group, profession, fetish and lifestyle out there. But one section of the dating web site market has seen an increase in the last year – those that target individuals with sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs. Rather than hiding away and keeping their status a secret, folks from around the world are seeking out potential partners with the same health concerns as they do.

Picture this. You were in a long term relationship and knew you and your partner were disease free. You decide to stop using protection. Years later, you find out that your partner was cheating on you, caught a STD, and now has given it to you. After your breakup, you now have the double whammy of dealing with a cheating partner, as well as an infection that isn’t going to go away. When you enter back onto the dating scene, you need to make every new potential partner aware that you have this infection and need to take extra precautions if you decide to have sex. More likely than not, you’re going to face rejection.

STD Dating

That is, unless your partner also has the same STD as you do. Dating sites like Positive Singles, Date Postive, H-YPE and H-Date are styled like traditional dating sites where you enter your desired age, height, weight, orientation, and personality traits. You also enter the sexually transmitted disease that you have (and your new potential date has as well). Think this is a foolish idea? With 110 million people having a STD, these sites are seeing some serious use!

Now you’ve taken away that awkward discussion about your disease, and you’ve also got someone with a shared experience – living with a STD. You both know the ropes when it comes to protection, as well as dealing with things like side effects from treatments, support groups, hospital visits, and dealing with the non-infected community’s questions. SDT dating sites offer an open community for those suffering to get together and find someone that will make them happy – instead of hiding away or even keeping their disease a secret.