The Secret Language of Womanese

Women are exotic, beautiful, complex creatures with needs and desires that are like enigmas wrapped in mysteries wrapped in holy grails. Trying to read the “secret code” of woman is one of the most coveted secrets most men wish they had. 


Womanese is a simple way of describing their language – which is virtually untranslatable. Words can mean other words and whole conversations can be about something else entirely. But understanding what a woman is trying to communication is one of the most essential keys to unlocking a beautiful relationship and having healthy sex life with no mysteries and no ambiguity.

Here is a quick example: when a woman says she “doesn’t want to talk about something” it means exactly that, but there are a few important caveats. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t totally want to talk about it, but it also means she wants to work something out. Sound complicated? You’ve done something she doesn’t like. You were at a party and you said something you hadn’t realized upset her until now (12 hours later) or you’ve come home too late – it could be a million things you didn’t realize you did. No, she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she does want you to say these magic words: “I’ll work on it, I promise, I know it upsets you, so I’ll work on it.” This magic string of words will make everything okay – then take her out to dinner and treat her like a queen. Its better to take the higher road and best of all you’ve just had your first A+ in Womanese.

There are an infinite amount of combinations of Womanese and learning to speak it is as simple as understanding simple turns of phrases, tones of voice, and words that could mean other words. Soon enough you’ll be able to differentiate when a woman is speaking Womanese and when she is just trying to have a normal conversation. Remember guys: women are complex, but just because you are a little less dimensional doesn’t mean you can’t relate.

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