The Top Five Sex Types – Which One Are You?

We are sexual creatures indeed, but it seems that just like our personalities are vastly different, so are our sexual personalities, and both are far from mutually exclusive. Your small, meek accountant could be a ravaging tiger in bed. That tall Amazonian woman at work that every guy, and some gals, in the office want to shag could actually be shy and reserved in bed. Moreover, when it comes to sexual types, we all have our own preferences. Here are the top five sex types – which one are you?

1. The rough one. These ladies and gentleman like it rough in bed. There is also no telling who likes it rough and who doesn’t. It is really a toss of the dice. If you know you are about to go home with someone and you don’t know if they like or dislike rough sex, you should find out before you start the pounding, because rough sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes it takes a real sexual adventurer to appreciate some good, rough sex.

2. The adventurer. The adventurer is a conquistador in the bedroom. Every strange, obscure, amazing, wild, bizarre, off-the-wall sex thing can think of, they have tried and multiple times. They will also be able to tell you in detail what they like and what they don’t like. The sexual adventurer will also be glad to share some of his or her knowledge with you – and you could actually learn something.

3. The intellectual. The intellectual lover looks at sex like a 3000 page Russian novel – and he or she has read that novel multiple times – in multiple different languages, just to get a sense of “nuance” when analyzing what the different “themes” are. The intellectual has an encyclopedic anatomical knowledge, which means you are in for a very pleasurable experience.The Top Five Sex Types – Which One Are You?

4. The shaman. The shaman is a man or woman who looks at sex like a spiritual question. Each orgasm is a discovery of fire. Each sexual experience is a long odyssey into the desert to “find one’s inner self.” These sexual shamans know about tantra in addition to a number of mystic sexual practices you’ve never even heard of yet, but they will surely be happy to blow your mind.

5. The caregiver. This is the guy or woman who cares way more ­about your pleasure than anything else. They will sacrifice their own orgasm if it means you get to have one first. They can be annoying at times, but when you are not with them you’ll wish you could go back. A caregiver in bed is usually a caregiver in life – a rare exception to the golden rule.

Lastly, when it comes to sexual types, some people might have a very clearly defined type, but some might have a combination. Some people might even be searching for their own. No matter what, though, finding your own sexual type and the sexual types that you are in to, is a crucial part of your erotic discovery.