The Truth About Quickies

Quickies are one of those sexual delights that people talk about, but do they really have quickies. When you hear the word ‘quickie,’ you think of someone too busy to have sex. Why would you want to be too busy for sex? However, there is something magically underrated about the quickie. We all talk about our need to bring passion back into the bedroom – and to have long, slow passionate sex – but what about simply getting some two to three minutes of fun. Okay, maybe ten minutes is the maximum, but even in today’s wild times, ten minutes can be way too long. Here is why you should consider having a quickie.

  1. With a little help, a woman can have an orgasm in less than ten minutes. If she can do it during masturbation, she can do it during sex too. In order to achieve a quick orgasm during sex – try using a vibrator or some other toy to stimulate yourself. You might find that your orgasm is even more powerful when you take a more direct route, rather than slowly working your way up to it.
  2. Sometimes a quickie can be convenient if you need to be up early the next day, but want to get off so that you can quickly get to sleep. The best part about this is that you are both on the same page – you both understand that you have a little over five minutes to reach climax and then it is time to turn over. With a quickie, you can be satisfied and get your beauty rest.
  3. Quickies can be incredibly passionate. Quickies are hot – there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The quickie, because it is so short, needs to be full of fire. All the romance and foreplay can get in the way if you put too much pressure on yourselves to make it perfect and long lasting. Sometimes you just need to rip off each other’s clothes off and get it on.The Truth About Quickies
  4. Quickies can be had anywhere and at anytime. Waiting in traffic with your lover and get turned on? You can always pull over, jump in the backseat and get it on. Getting ready to go out to a movie, but only have a few minutes before you are going to be late? Just strip down and have a quickie.
  5. More sex. With a quickie you can have more sex. In fact, a recent study just came out that said people who have more sex make more money at their jobs. So, what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you getting it on? With the amazing power of quickies, you can have sex anywhere and at anytime.
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