The Wonders of Glass Dildos

When many people encounter a big shiny glass dildo, they think, “Wait, glass, why?” Glass seems like an unlikely material for a sex toy, but I’m going to give you one of those “aha!” moments you only get once in a while in your life.

glass dildos

If you can fit it in your budget, I would purchase three in different sizes right now.

Here are a few reasons why I think glass dildos are amazing.

First, glass is totally non¬porous. This means it’s also hypoallergenic. While you should still clean it after each use, if only to make it nice and shiny new again, bacteria can’t hide inside of a glass dildo. And because it’s non¬porous it can last a really long time. And the glass is a special glass – that is strengthened and tested not to break.

Second, glass dildos warm up to the body and can carry temperatures based on its surrounding.  If you think of it as just a long, hard cold thing – think again – a glass dildo warms up to your body almost right away. Still not convinced? A glass dildo can be run under warm water to body temperature and can be used right out of the gate.

Glass dildos are also pretty to look at!  Some countries are entirely devoted to the blowing of glass. Glass blowing is an art form. Some of the glass dildos would look great on your mantle – people wouldn’t even think sex toy right away. One of my favorite glass toys are The Cyberglass Four¬Way G which has a duel head for double pleasure, different textures for some amazing stimulation, and a perfect 8 inch length. Another one of my favorites is the Adam and Eve Crystal Glass teaser, because it looks and feels just like an amazing cock with a curved head and some incredible veiny ridges – I have had some of the most mind¬blowing orgasms with this one. And one of the prettiest ones is the Icicles No.30 Glass Double Delight Massager that has two points of insertion.

If you don’t have at least three glass dildos in your collections I am telling you now that you are missing out.  Try it!