Three Valentines Day Proposal Ideas That Worked

Quite a few of you out there may be thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day. While going out to dinner and getting down on one knee may be the traditional route, Valentine’s Day presents unique opportunities to make your proposal that much more special. Here are five Valentine’s Day proposal stories from our blog and Facebook readers who got engaged on February 14th last year.

Stacey & Matt – “You know those little candy hearts that have words on them that no one seems to like? Well, Stacey loves them”, Matt tells us. “I grabbed a about two dozen of those mini-boxes from the grocery store and used them to propose. Stacey had to work on Valentine’s Day, so I set it up so that when she got home from work, as soon as she opened the door she’d see a trail of the candies on the floor. To make it obvious that I wasn’t just spilling candy all over the house, I made a few arrows pointing in the direction I wanted her to walk. The trail lead down our hallway, through our livingroom, and into our kitchen / dining room where I was on one knee waiting. On the kitchen floor I had “Will you marry me?” spelled out in the candies. She said yes, thankfully!”

Olivia & Madeline – “Olivia has been dropping hints for one of those super expensive charm bracelets that still seem to be the rage after a few years. I’ve always put her off since they were a bit beyond our budget, but secretly I had been putting out plan together for more than a year. Every time I got paid a the end of the month, I went to our local jeweler and bought a charm. Every charm I bought represented a part or time in our relationship.” Madeline explained a bit more. “I got an Eiffel Tower from our trip to Paris, a little puppy dog to represent the dog we adopted last year, a martini glass for our first date, and a bunch more. I wrapped each one individually for Valentine’s Day, and set them out for her for our dinner date. I made sure the last one that she opened was the one of the wedding dress, and then I popped the question!”

valentines proposal

Bryan and Alicia – “We had got about two feet of snow the week before Valentine’s Day last year. I had planned to go the normal way, but then I was tipped off by a friend to this proposal idea. We had been cooped up in the house for the whole week, with neither of us able to work at our offices due to the storm. We only ventured outside to walk to the grocery store and watch our crazy dog play out in the snow. There’s a large park by our place that didn’t get much attention during storms, since there’s another one not far away that has a good sledding hill. This would be my canvas.” Bryan continued with his plan. “That morning I told Alicia I was going to take our dog for a walk, but my actual plan was to go to the park, with it’s perfectly untouched snow, and stomp out a heart with our initials in the middle. I tied our dog to a nearby tree and ran home, telling Alicia he had got free of his leash and was lost. She ran back to the park with me, just in her jeans and top and sneakers, and saw our dog safe, and a huge heart with our initials in it. That’s when I got on one knee and asked. She was freezing, but she said yes!”

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