Tips For Heating Up Your Winter Sex Life

Wintertime is here. For some of us, the thought of stripping down before getting into bed on these cold nights is something we just don’t want to deal with. But before you break out your fleece onesie pajamas, there is hope!

bath tub

The team at Adam and Eve have come up with a few suggestions on ways to heat up your sex live in those cold and frosty winter months!

–          Use a heating blanket to warm up your bed before you get in. Cold sheets are a HUGE turn off, so you’ll want to pre-heat your bed before sliding in. If you are used to having sex without any sheets or blankets covering you, you can get mattress pad style heaters that will keep your fitted sheet warm while you and your lover enjoy each other on top!

–          Move to the bath or hot tub. If you enjoy the hot tub and the pool in the summer, take those same underwater sexual adventures indoors. The good thing is that bathrooms are usually the smallest ones in the house, so they heat up rather quickly once the steam is going!

–          Heat up your sex toys! Does the thought of a cold dildo inside you make you shrivel up and squirm? Glass sex toys can be bathed in warm water to increase their temperature. Be sure you test them on your inner elbow first, though, since you don’t want to burn any sensitive areas.

–          Break out the sleeping bags. Insulation, confined spaces, and only enough room for two bodies when they are on top of each other – sounds like the perfect way to keep warm this winter! We’d keep it slow when you’re making love in a sleeping bag or you may risk a sliding zipper.

–          Keep the clothes on. Sure, nakedness is sexy, but there are times when a lifted up skirt and an unzipped fly is all you need to get the job done. Quick and dirty can be just as fun as slow and passionate!

What are your wintertime warming tips for lovers? We’re eager to hear from you! Let us know what you do in the winter months to keep warm while having sex, or drop us a note on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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