Tips For Improving His Oral Sex Skills

With Steak and Blowjob Day now behind us, we can get back to focusing on the oral-delivered pleasure of the opposite sex! Lots of ladies delight in having their lover go down on them, but what happens when your man is a bit shy in that department? What if your boyfriend has never performed oral sex before? What if he’s bad at it? Here are a few tips for the ladies on encouraging your man to hone his oral sex skills.

Get Talking About It – While it’s not best to jump right out and demand that he start licking you down below, a few temping words his way may encourage him to move south. Don’t put too much pressure on a guy who hasn’t done it before (or has done with disastrous results in the past). Encourage him to kiss you down there, and once he’s in the right area, show him your pleasure with moans and other verbal cues.

improving oral sex

Turn It Into A Competition – For the guys who have a bit more confidence but not so much experience, bringing out a guy’s competitive side may be one method to get him to focus his energy on getting you to orgasm. A simple “I bet you can’t make me cum with just your mouth” could go a long way in getting him down where you want him.

Set The Scene For Success – You may want to do a little bit of preparation beforehand. Rather than the two of you just lying on the bed, use pillows to help make access easier. Put one pillow under your hips to raise them off the mattress. Have other pillow under his chest so that his chin isn’t digging into the bed.

Take Control – If you’ve got a submissive man on your hands who prefers it when you take control, this is the time to take advantage. Rather than you being the one laying down and receiving, climb on top of him and get your body where it counts – right over his face. Be sure you have something to hold on to, to keep balance as well as control. This will help him as well, by positioning your body in the right spots, he can see where his licking does he most good.

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