Tips & Tricks For The Best Shower Sex Ever

We’ve probably all tried it at least once before – sex in the shower. There are so many things that can go wrong between confined spaces, slippery shower floors, and blow jobs that just end up with a nose full of soapy water. So what can you do to chance your shower sex experiences from risky to sexy? Here are a few tips to make sure that you have the best shower sex possible!

–          Go heavy on the foreplay. Before getting down to business, get the hand action going. If you’re lucky enough to have a mirror positioned so you can watch yourselves in the shower, it’ll go a long way in adding to the turn-on factor. Use your soapy hands to explore each other’s bodies.

–          Be careful where you put those soapy hands. Speaking of soap and foreplay, be careful where you put those soapy hands. The majority of body wash isn’t meant to be used internally, so if you plan on sending your fingers places, be sure they are rinsed off before penetration.

–          Lay a towel on the shower floor. A wet towel will not only help prevent slips when things start to get active, they will also give a bit of cushion if someone ends up on their knees. It’ll also help keep you in place if you’re lucky enough to have a shower large enough for missionary under the water!

–          Share the warmth. Make sure that one of you isn’t hogging all of the warm water. You may be all warm and cozy under that stream of hot water, but your sorry lover may be starting to freeze when all you want to do is ravage them. Nothing’s quite like cold for a turn off, so keep it hot by sharing the warmth.

shower sex

–          Create a “breathing tent”. One down side to oral sex in the shower is that the one doing all the work tends to end up struggling to breath under the stream of water. This can be overcome with a little help of the person on the receiving end. Form a tent with your hands by pressing your fingertips together and making the two sides of a triangle. Place this over the sides of your lover’s nose as they are going down on you. This will divert the water away from their nose, letting them breath while their mouth is otherwise occupied.

 –          Be careful when changing positions. Take it slow as unexpected soap patches or shampoo bottles could make things dangerous.

 –          Find a position that works for you. We can’t say “such and such” a position works best for shower sex, as it all depends on what your shower layout is like, and the flexibility of the couple involved.  Do you have a ledge in your shower (maybe a shower seat or a higher wall to a bath tub)? Try having one lover bend and lean on this ledge  while the other comes from behind doggy style. Good at balancing? Having one leg up makes standing sex easier. Have a large shower floor? Get enough towels down and use it as a wet-bed stand in, making a lot of positions a lot easier.

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