To Sext Or Not To Sext

 Things might be getting hot and heavy between you and your love, but what happens when you’re separated? Sexting – or sending sexually suggestive messages via text message – has seemingly become the replacement for phone sex. While telling your lover over the phone what you’d love to do to them, the medium of the text message does have its down sides. Here are four things to consider before sending your lover that super steamy text message!

1. Would you care if these sexts ever get out? Sure, your relationship is great now, but what happens if there’s a messy break up? Those text that were meant for your lover’s eyes only may now enter into the public domain. Establish the rules about sharing the sexts ahead of time. Never send anything you think would ruin your career if discovered. We’ve all seen the collection of politicians who have been embarrassed by their no-longer-secret sexual fantasies. Even if you completely trust your partner and know they would never share your messages, phones can still be hacked or stolen by a third party.To Sext Or Not To Sext2. Are you sober? Just like any other sexual activity, you want to be sure you’re in complete control of the situation. You may be tempted to send something super naughty during the night only to totally regret it the next morning. You can’t ‘walk of shame’ away from a text message! A good rule of thumb to follow is if you’re too drunk to drive, you’re too drunk to sext. If you still fell all hot and bothered the next morning – a great wake up message is a super steamy sext!

3. Have you already had physical versions of the actions you’re talking about? Maybe you’re in a long distance relationship and haven’t done the deed quite yet. While sexting is one way to keep the sexual fires burning, you may be setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations. If you’ve never done sexual activities such as anal sex, swallowing after oral sex, or various Kama Sutra positions, trying them out with less than successful results could be compared to your perfect session texts. Stick with what you know!

4. Is your battery charged up all the way? So you’re in the middle of a hot and heavy sexting session. The last thing you want to read is “BBL – phone is dying.” right before you hit the climax! If your phone can’t handle a hour long text exchange, make sure you either plug it in, or let your lover know that this back and forth is going to be a quickie!

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