To Shave or Not To Shave

Many guys will say that too much hair on a girl is gross. But there are always questions about how much hair is too much hair and how little is too little. There are a myriad of opinions that share different views, but mine is simple: hair is sexy.

shave or not to shave

A woman’s pubic hair is sexy. Scientists even believe that certain pheromones emanate from a woman’s unshorn armpits that attract men and vice-versa. The details are a little off-putting, but if that’s true that means we have natural biological magnets that attract the opposite sex. So why shave?

Not everyone will share my viewpoint. In the U.S. underarm air and overgrown pubic on a lady is a no go for most men, but what about keeping an open mind?

In France, women generally don’t shave, but mixed with their natural odors with a little classy perfume nothing can be more attractive.

In Iran and most Muslim countries shaving is a religious code of cleanliness.

But what why is pubic hair seen as dirty?  Can we rewire the male brain to believe pubic hair is sexy? Isn’t it a lot to maintain – what with all the Brazilians, wax, and electrolysis? Now I don’t mean go full 1970s bush – a little maintenance is key. A trim here and there won’t hurt.  And there are also a few pointers in trying to find hair sexy again.

Ladies – try growing out your armpit hair just a little. Then tell your man to lick your armpits during foreplay. Men – try and get used this concept. The first step is opening your mind. Try seeing it as a new exotic dish. Try diving in headfirst.  Remember though, you can’t erase decades of cultural wiring. If this isn’t for you this isn’t for you.

Remember ladies; it doesn’t need to be a sexual thing, but a lifestyle thing. But it certainly can be sexy! Also, remember that shaving your pubic hair and growing it back will make it thicker each time – this is a myth! There is a biological reason for hair and why not use our own evolution to our own sexual advantage.  Why not – keep an open mind!