To Snoop or Not To Snoop – That Is The Question

 You’ve got an inclination that your partner is cheating on you. You’ve got a feeling that if you just read through their emails or checked their text messages, you’d have the answers you’re looking for. You know, though, that if you do snoop and discover nothing, things will forever have changed. You’ve invaded their privacy, and still don’t have the answers you are looking for. So what’s the alternative to snooping on your husband or wife? What can you do to determine if your boyfriend or girlfriend are cheating on you? Here are five alternatives to snooping on your partner that may help you get closer to the truth.

If they aren’t spending as much time with you any more, keep track of the reasons. Does he now want to hang out with the guys all the time, but doesn’t have many friends before? Does she want to spend some girl-time with friends you’ve never heard of? Are they working longer hours out of the blue? There are very valid reasons why a partner could be spending less time with you that’s not cheating, but by keeping track of what they say they are doing with their time, you get a better idea of what the big picture is.

Your partner is suddenly speaking like another person. Are they using vocabulary and phrases that they could have picked up from someone they are spending a lot of time with? Has the frequency of compliments you got changed (as in got less or more frequent)? Do you text conversations drop off for hours on end? All of these could mean that your questionable partner is spending a significant amount of time with someone else that is having an effect on their communication skills.To Snoop or Not To Snoop - That Is The Question

There’s been a shift in your sex life. You may think that if a partner is cheating, it dries up in the bedroom. While this may be the case, the opposite is also an indication. Sex drive is fed on sexual acts, which means for some, the more sex they have, the more they want to have. If your lover is also trying out some new moves under the sheets, you may want to sort out where they learned their new skills!

Your partner’s suddenly become a clean freak. Has your boyfriend’s place looked like a team of maids has come through? Is your girlfriends car that was once strewn with coffee cups and spare shoes now look like it came off the car sales lot? This might indicate that they’re cleaning up for their new partner. It could also show that they are getting rid of any evidence of an illicit affair.

Once you are certain, it’s time for communication. Let him know that you know, without coming right out and saying it. For some “Are you cheating on me?” will get a knee jerk reaction of “NO!”, but something like “I think we’d both feel better if we got this out in the open” or “I know things are going on and I’d like to talk about it.” Let your lover know that you’re looking for open honestly, no matter how painful it will be. Make eye contact to show your seriousness. Communication is always the key in building up – or ending – relationships.

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