Top Five Penis Myths Busted

It can certainly be a mystery, sometimes – the piece of flesh hanging between a man’s legs. So much drama and superstition surround the penis. How big is the average dick? Is bigger really better? Can jerking off daily really harm your sperm? Here at Adam and Eve we tackle some of the biggest myths surrounding the male member for our eager readers!

The myth – The average penis length is 8 inches.          

The truth of the matter is, according to a British study from 2007, the average length of a penis is between five and a half to just over six inches long. So if your dick falls short of the mythical 8 inch mark, there’s nothing to worry about. As a matter of fact, in another related study, only 8% of women said that the size of a man’s penis was the most important factor when it came to great sex. Yes, gents – it really is more about how it’s used than how big it is!

penis myth busted

The myth – Daily masturbation can harm the sperm’s DNA.

Fellas  – are you worried about rubbing one out for the fifth day in a row? If it’s the state of your little swimmer’s DNA that is getting you concerned, don’t be! While daily masturbation can reduce your overall sperm count, it doesn’t do any damage to the actual cells themselves. So unless you’re looking to get your partner pregnant, there’s little reason to reduce the amount of wank session you have each week!

The myth – The size of a flaccid penis is proportional to the size of an erect one.

Get two men, put them side by side, and check out their soft junk. If they are the same exact size when flaccid, does that mean that they’ll be the same size when erect? Nope! Unlike other parts of the body, penis length doesn’t follow proportional balance. Both men may have a 4 inch penis when soft, but when aroused, more than likely one will be longer than the other. This also goes for other penis-proportion myths. The side of a man’s foot, his overall height, or the length of his fingertip to wrist doesn’t really give you any accurate clue as to what’s hidden in his boxers.

The myth – Certain races have larger or smaller penises.

Despite what condom companies may be wanting to put across (large sized condoms in a black box), the race of a man doesn’t determine how large or small his penis is. The common racial stereotypes that African American men have larger units, and Asian American men have smaller ones simply doesn’t hold up to scientific research. These two groups follow the same averages as the rest of the population does – an average dick length of just over five and a half inches.

The myth – Guys with circumcised penises last longer.

The “cut v uncut” myth seems to be quite a popular one. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies that have proved that circumcised penises achieve orgasm any later (or even sooner) than an uncircumcised one. Even though the majority of men in Europe are not circumcised, there is no different in the duration of sexual acts when compared to their American counterparts, who are mostly circumcised.