Turning Your Vibrating Wand Into The Ultimate Sex Toy

For many ladies, there is no substitution to the earth shattering orgasm that a wand style vibrator can bring. The large springy head sends vibrations over a greater sized area than your standard battery powered vibe, but the fact that it’s plugged in means that you’re not going to worry about the batteries running out. The preferred sex toy of cam girls and sexy stars around the globe, there’s not much you can do to improve on perfection.

Sure, some complain that the speed settings are a bit limited and difficult to control, and that there’s no variation in vibration patters, but we think that just makes it a simpler toy that lovers can enjoy. But…if we were to improve on the perfection that is a wand vibrator, this is what we would do!

Go Wireless – The one limitation to wand massagers is that you need to be within a short distance to a power outlet, or at least have an extension cord handy. Wireless models like the Mood Rechargeable Mega Body Wand allow you to go anywhere with your wand massager – even places where the outlets aren’t handy. A single charge should last you through around 2 hours of use, so you’ll need to recharge it after longer or multiple sessions to be sure that you don’t run out mid-orgasm.  While rechargeable wands tend to be more expensive than the standard wired variety, they open up new location options for play.

Attachments for Her – Want to move your wand massager beyond just external stimulation? Wand attachments like the Rabbit Wand Massager Attachment turn a toy that’s generally used on the surface to an insertable sex toy with enough power to get any g-spot screaming out for more. Be sure that you get an attachment that is designed for your specific wand, though. Not all wands have the same size heads, and even the smallest difference in size means that the attachment doesn’t stay in place as well. You wouldn’t want your sex toy’s attachment to fly off in the middle of a steamy sex session! Since this attachment is made from silicone, you’ll need to use a water base lubricant. The best-selling Adam and Eve Lube is perfect for the Rabbit Wand Massager Attachment.Turning Your Vibrating Wand Into The Ultimate Sex Toy

Attachments for Him – We can’t forget there are guys out there who are just as eager to take advantage of massage wand power as the ladies are. Luckily, there are also wand massager attachments for guys, like the Hammerhead Stroker Attachment. All you need to do is slip the penis inside the massager attachment tube, and let the toy do the rest. Not only do you get the powerful vibrations being transferred directly to the shaft, the texture on the inside of the tube also adds another layer of fun. As this toy is made with TPR, you want to be sure that if you plan on using a lubricant, you get one without any silicone in it. A water based lube like the Adam and Eve Masturbator Lube is perfect for this toy attachment!