Upgrade Your Magic Wand With These New Attachments

How do you make one of the most popular sex toys in the world that much better? By adding a brand new tip to the powerful vibrating head! Whether you stick to the traditional “Magic Wand”, Adam and Eve’s own “Magic Massager”, or any of the other wand massagers on the market, you can take your sex toy to the next level with these super seductive wand attachments.

3Teez Wand Attachment – If you want to overdose on stimulation, this is the wand attachment you’re looking for! With three different areas for pleasure, there’s something there for every erogenous zone. First, there’s a set of solid anal beads that easily slips inside even the most beginner of anal players. Then there’s a curved shaft that ends just in the right place for G-spot pleasure. Lastly, there’s a raised and textured buffer that sits right up against your clit for the ultimate tease experience. Can you handle all this pleasure at once?Upgrade Your Magic WandLily Pod Wand Attachment – For the ladies that love the hard driving vibrations that a wand can provide, but need texture to achieve their best orgasms, the Lily Pod Wand Attachment is there for you. Rather than just a clit stimulator, the Lily Pod covers the entire vulva for both clit and lips pleasure. This cover is designed to fit the majority of traditionally sized magic wands, and can be cleaned with basic soapy water.

Tingle Tip Wand Attachment – Do you love the feeling that comes with a ‘nubby’ sex toy? The Tingle Tip Wand Attachment sends the strong vibrations of your massager into dozens of nubs that cover the entire surface of this cover. There’s no escaping these tiny teasers – even for non-sexual uses like muscle massage. (Did you know that was the original purpose of the Magic Wand – to relieve sore muscles?)

Palm Power Sensual Attachment Set – Designed for the smaller Palm Power Massager, this pair of attachments turns your basic travel wand into the perfect powerful g-spot massager. The first cover has a singular serpentine shaped probe that curls right up for internal pleasure. The second has two smaller probes, one to be inserted inside your body and the second to rest up against your clit for both internal and external stimulation.

When picking out an attachment for your wand massager – pay close attention to the size. While most wands are standard when it come to the sizing of their head, with many more wand massagers coming into the market recently, there has started to be a slight variation in size. When in doubt, break out your tape measure and check to see that your potential new toy attachment will fit!