Using Condoms On Sex Toys

Let me guess – the first thing that pops into your mind when discussing using condoms on sex toys is that’s a waste of a condom. You can’t get pregnant from a dildo and a vibrator isn’t going to give you an STD, right? Well, mostly right. Here are some reasons you may want to play it safe and use a condom with your sex toy.

Cleanliness – Using a condom on a sex toy makes cleanup much easier. Especially when you have realistic dildos with fake veins and folds of skin, like in the So Real 6 Inch Realistic Dildo, slipping on a rubber can help reduce the time spent at the sink getting all those bits of body fluid off the toy.

Lower Quality Toys – If you’re using a toy made from jelly like materials, sometimes they can be porous and collect unwanted body fluids. Other time you may have a toy with tears and cracks that you’re not quite ready to throw away. Putting a condom on these toys can get one or two more uses from them before your replacement toy comes in.Using Condoms On Sex ToysMultiple Partners – Sharing sex toys between partners? Technically, body fluids are exchanged when using sex toys on more than one person. If you’re worried about infection control or disease transmission the safest way to share sex toys (other than cleaning them between bodies) is to use a condom and change them out between bodies.

Multiple Orifices – Using a sex toy in more than one hole – especially between the anus and the vagina – is not the safest thing to do. If you’re using the same sex toy for anal play as well as vaginal or oral play, use a condom to cover the toy. This way there’s no worries about any unwanted body fluids travelling between the holes.

Allergies – Sometimes your body just don’t agree with some sex toy materials. Some people have reactions to certain types of plastics, but they aren’t able to get the toy in any other material. Putting a condom on the toy itself can help reduce any reactions. If you have a stronger reaction to toys, though (for instance a latex allergy to latex toys), we don’t suggest using a barrier as a way around it!