Valentines Day By The Numbers

With St Valentine’s Day less than a month away, the team here at Adam and Eve are gearing up for our most favorite time of the year. But how crazy does it get? What gets spent on Valentine’s Day gifts? Who gets the most cards on February 14th? How many roses actually get bought on this special day? Here is Valentine’s Day – by the numbers!

73 – the percent of flower purchases on Valentine’s Day that are made by men

36,000,000 – the number of heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate that will be sold on Valentine’s Day

17.3 – the percent of people that will purchase jewelry for their loved ones, spending more than $3.5 billion doing so

198,000,000 – the number of roses grown for Valentine’s Day, 110 million of which will be delivered in the three day period leading up to Valentine’s Day

Valentines Flowers & Chocolates

$116.21 – the average spending per consumer on Valentine’s Day

$5.04 – the amount of money that the average pet owner will spend on their pet for St Valentine’s Day

$3.41 – the amount of money the average person will spend on their co-workers

53 – the percent of women who would dump their boyfriends if they didn’t get them a Valentine’s Day gift

1,000 – the number of letters that the city of Verona, Italy receives every Valentine’s Day addressed to Juliet

64 – the percent of men who do not make Valentine’s Day plans in advance

141,000,000 – the number of Valentine’s Day cards that are exchanged around the world

52.1 – the percent of people who will buy a card for Valentine’s Day

8,000,000 – the number of candy hearts that will be produced this year

11 – the percent of people who will become engaged on Valentine’s Day

15 – the percent of women who send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day